Our vision is to transform personal health
by providing people with convenient and clinically relevant clarity about their body,
and by delivering actionable insights that lead the way to a healthier life.

We are striving toward
the redesign of health care.

Our ambition is to transform how we understand and care for our health, as individuals and as a community, shifting from episodic to continuous care.

We seek to make illnesses predictable and preventable, and to make healthy lives easier to achieve for all of us.

We believe data are essential,
but insights create change.

Beyond gathering valuable data, we aim to provide you with the insight to make the right decisions for your health.

Contextual information is used to decipher how your daily life impacts your body, and how your habits lead to fitness, wellness, or illness.

Our unique technology
redefines what is possible.

We can sense and translate the most subtle of your body's signals to provide clinical-grade measurements of key vital signs at amazingly high resolution.

Our technology enables a seamless and elegant device that you can wear all day - at work, while exercising, and as you sleep.